Roots Invitation by Hand-Painted WeddingsI have definitely been bit by the garden bug lately…figuratively speaking. Gardening is such a rewarding hobby. You plant seeds or seedlings, tend them, and watch them grow. Sometimes they make their way into a savory dish. Sometimes they make their way in a vase decorating your home. Sometimes they are so special that they are inspiration for a painting…or even an invitation!

If you are a longtime follower of this blog, you may recognize this painting of my chives plant. It was painted almost a year ago and was featured on one of my first blog posts, Inspired by Spring.

It took nearly a year for the Roots Invitation to grow, but here it is! Roots are a lovely analogy to relationships. With support and care, the relationship grows larger and stronger, while the roots carry on supporting the connection. The Roots invitation is a wonderful choice for a couple who is celebrating their special day in a garden, or with many organic, nature-inspired decor.

The Roots Invitation is available to order under the Invitations, or by clicking here.