Hand-Painted Invitation: Caladium Plant

July 12, 2012By AllisonHand-Painted Invitations

The Caladium Plant invitation is a perfect invitation for a couple that gardens together. Maybe the bride or groom are botanists; this would be a great way to incorporate this that passion into a wedding theme. It would also be very beautiful for a garden wedding. I like that the caladium leaves are just as … Read More

Hand-Painted Invitation: Cobblestone

July 5, 2012By AllisonHand-Painted Invitations

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July yesterday! Our day was delightfully quiet…a painting in the morning, a trip to Anthropologie, wonderful food at Dandelion Pub, falling asleep to the sound of illegal fireworks. Oh yes, and I also designed this invitation yesterday. The Cobblestone invitation features a watercolor cobblestone border that travels … Read More

Hand-Painted Program: Origami Cranes

June 28, 2012By AllisonHand-Painted Programs

The hand-painted Origami Crane themed ceremony program sports a bit of whimsy as the two cranes interact with each other on each page. The fact that these cranes seem to have a personality is one of my favorite parts of this program. Program designed by Hand-Painted Weddings. You can order your Hand-Painted Origami Crane InvitationsĀ in … Read More

Hand-Painted Invitation: Origami Cranes

June 27, 2012By AllisonHand-Painted Invitations

There are two versions of the Origami Cranes invitation to choose from. The first is the Flying version and the second is the Seated version, which is just a fun way of saying that one has shadows and one does not. This is a great invitation if you plan on celebrating the Japanese tradition of … Read More

Inspired by Tandem Bike Cont.

June 22, 2012By AllisonHand-Painted Reception

Here are a few ideas I found around the web to inspire the couple who is considering the playful Tandem Bike theme at their wedding.   Having a tandem bike at your reception is pretty much a requirement if you are going to go with the Tandem Bike theme. Especially for the opportunity to get … Read More

Hand-Painted Reception: Tandem Bike theme

June 21, 2012By AllisonHand-Painted Reception

I have expanded the Tandem Bike theme into escort cards and table numbers. I am a big fan of the invitation design or theme expanding into the reception and/or ceremony decor. The invitation really sets the tone for the style and “feeling” of the wedding. Sometimes it is the only clue that guests have to … Read More

Hand-Painted Invitation: Tandem Bikes

June 20, 2012By AllisonHand-Painted Invitations 1 Comment

The Tandem Bike invitation is bright and joyful. It is perfect for the couple who bikes together! The Tandem Bike theme also cheerfully symbolizes that the happy couple is going places together. The Tandem Bike Invitation is available for ordering under the Hand-Painted Weddings Shop Invitations tab.

Sunsets: Hand-Painted Save-the-Date

June 14, 2012By AllisonHand-Painted Save-the-Dates

What I love about the Sunset Birds Save-the-Date I designed is that it doesn’t work solely for beach weddings because the ocean is not in it. This Save-the-Date would work well in conjunction with the Sunset Invitation, or with a separate unrelated invitation. I am a strong believer that the Save-the-Date is a great opportunity, … Read More

Hand-Painted Invitation: Sunset

June 13, 2012By AllisonHand-Painted Invitations

The Sunset Invitation exudes warmth and would be perfect for a summer wedding. It would also work quite nice for a destination beach wedding. Speaking of beach weddings, when I was looking for wording inspiration for a beach wedding invitation, I found the holy grail of cheesiness! Do a google search; it is a hoot! … Read More

Hand-Painted Invitation: Rock Sculptures

June 6, 2012By AllisonHand-Painted Invitations

The Rock Sculptures invitation features playful yet elegant typography. The color palette is beautifully soft. There is something very spiritual about this invitation. It hints at the delicate nature of life, while also symbolizing the powerful culmination of events that a couple goes through to get to their wedding day. The Rock Sculptures Invitation is … Read More

Spring Vegetables: Two Peas Menu

May 31, 2012By AllisonHand-Painted Menu

Another great way to bring a Spring vegetable theme to a wedding is through the menu design. This menu can be used in conjunction with the Two Peas invitation, or as a stand alone piece. Menus are a simple way to bring your theme to the reception. They are a beautiful element to lay across … Read More

Spring Vegetables: Two Peas Invitation

May 30, 2012By AllisonHand-Painted Invitations

The Two Peas invitation design is a play on the “two peas in a pod” theme, because it actually shows the full pods. In a different way, this symbolizes two peas that are growing to maturation side-by-side, which is essentially what a healthy couple does. The vibrant green envelope is a lovely way to introduce … Read More